What do you do if your Bosch dishwasher does not draw water?

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If your Bosch dishwasher does not draw water, do not rush to blame the manufacturer. Perhaps it’s not a breakdown, but an easily removable problem.
Sometimes users encounter such problems: loading dishes in the tank and launching the dishwasher, they hear a buzz,and water intake does not occur.

Why there is no water supply

Look at the panel, the indicator may blink there or the error code E3 will be lit on the display – this is how the system writes that there is no water. If water does not enter the car, it may be a minor problem. It is easy to fix it yourself, for this check:

  1. The presence of water in the tap. Perhaps the water supply was turned off, so the dishwasher responds accordingly. Wait until it is restored.
  2. Density of closing the door. For the sake of safety, the appliance will not start washing until the door is closed and locked at the electronic level. If you cannot close the camera tightly, you should check the condition of the lock on the door.
  3. Turn the shut-off valve. It is located on the water pipe.
  4. Inlet hose. If it is transferred, pinched, clogged, then the water in the dishwasher does not pass.
    The reason is more serious damage.

What could happen:

  1. Faulty intake valve. After receiving the signal from the electronic module, the membrane on the valve opens, allowing water to flow through. After reaching the desired level, the valve closes. You need to check the part and make sure it is working.
  2. The pressure switch does not work. The sensor informs the module about the amount of water in the tank. If the pressure switch sends incorrect readings, then the module does not give a command to dial.
  3. There was a problem with the Aquastop system. If this is the case, then the machine does not supply water due to blockage of the Aquastop. The cause may be leaking or malfunctioning of the float sensor.
  4. The control module has broken or burned. Perhaps one of its triacs are out of order. Diagnosis and repair is required.

If you have already checked everything, but the water is still not poureing into the machine, then you need to inspect the individual parts. Start by cleaning the filter and hose:

  • close the shut-off valve;
  • unscrew the inlet hose;
  • behind it is a mesh filter;
  • rinse the parts under pressure from a tap; a small brush can be used to clean the hose. At the same time you can check the rest of the details.

Checking the details in the Bosch dishwasher you can handle on your own. Sometimes the reasons for the lack of water lie in a small blockage, so before calling the repairman, make sure that the breakdown really exists.

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