What to do if you pierce or damage the freezer or vaporizer?

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Many do not want to wait for the refrigerator to defrost naturally and begin to remove frozen ice with a knife. Careless movement may result in you piercing the freezer. Remember that you cannot remove the frost with a knife. Let the refrigerator thaw without your help.
If you pierce the freezer, immediately turn off the refrigerator. Try before the arrival of the technician to prevent water from entering the puncture site. If possible, seal the hole with adhesive tape, clay or special sealing putty.

How to seal a puncture in freezer.

If the hole is small, up to one millimeter long, it is easy to seal it. To eliminate the puncture use a pencil. The area around the hole must be degreased and cleaned. The surface of the evaporator must be heated to a temperature of 200 degrees, and in one motion hold a pencil over the hole.
After eliminating the freezer puncture, the following works are performed. Replacing the desiccant filter, removing moisture from the system, and evacuating. The final stage of refilling the refrigerator with freon.
Do not remove ice with sharp objects. Try not to overload the camera with food. Frozen pieces of meat with protruding bones easily pierce the evaporator. It is advised to buy protective mats for the freezer. Handle refrigeration equipment carefully and with care.

How to defrost the refrigerator.

It is necessary to disconnect the power for 24 hours. Be sure to leave the doors open. Empty frozen ice thaws independently. No need to help, by scraping the ice coat from the surface of the chamber. Also, do not use heating devices. A sharp jump in temperature will damage the cooling system.

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