Why do air conditioners break down?

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Air conditioning is technically complex equipment, and like any technology, it tends to break. To extend the life of the air conditioner and ensure its properly operated, appropriate care is needed. Below are some reasons for the failure of air conditioners, and some rules of care for the equipment.

Contamination of internal filters.

Internal filters are located under the front cover of the air conditioner. Their main function is to protect the air conditioner from dust and dirt. They are a fine grid. Once every two weeks it is recommended to rinse these filters under warm running water and dry at room temperature. Replacing the filter is described in the instruction manual for climate systems and should not present any particular difficulties.
It is important to properly take care of the air conditioner, otherwise it can lead to disastrous consequences. Without washing the filters in time, the blowing process will start to slow down, as dust gets on the radiator, the cooling of the room will decrease. Then, freezing of the copper tubes will occur, which will lead to the start of the undermining of the condensate. With more pollution, the icing of the tubes and the blockage of the drainage system will cause the water to flow from the device in a stream.

Freon leak

The annual leakage rate is allowed is around 6-8%. Every two years the air conditioner needs to be refilled with freon. If this is avoided, the level of freon in the compressor will decrease. The result — overheating of the compressor and further damage to the equipment. Replacement and repair of the compressor will cost half the cost of the HVAC equipment itself, so do not neglect this.
Independently see the leak of freon. The first sign of leakage — on the external unit at the junction of the copper tubes there is frost or ice. The consequence of this is poor cooling of the room, which becomes noticeable when it is hot outside. Do not hesitate, immediately contact the service department.

Operation of the air conditioner with the onset of frost.

Most air conditioners sold on the market of climate control equipment, consider the minimum temperature of the outdoor unit -5 C. Air conditioning supplies to Russia are the same as in Europe or Japan, where the absolute minimum in winter is -8 C. There is a problem of choosing all-season equipment, which would allow the temperature to -25-26 C. The cost of such technology will naturally be more expensive, and the result — a decrease in sales and competition in the market.
What is an all-season air conditioner for? Its purpose is to cool large rooms with high heat dissipation during the cold season. Another option is when room heating is required, but the consequence is that power and performance are drastically reduced. This happens even if the air temperature of the outdoor unit is -20 C.
In the unsuitable conditions of winter, the air conditioner disrupts the operation of the compressor. The condensate outlet will be hampered by the blockage of the output tubes by ice. As a result, water will drip into the room, which will cause an inconvenience to others.

It is possible to adapt the climatic equipment for the winter. For this you need to install:

  1. Heated compressor;
  2. Heated drainage system;
  3. Fan speed control in the outdoor unit.

The reasons for these malfunctions of the air conditioner are typical in general for split systems. Window air conditioners do not include refrigerant leakage and do not require its refueling. The other two items may well be the cause of improper operation of the window air conditioner.

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