Why does the hood blow in the opposite direction?

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Cooking is accompanied by a variety of flavors: some pleasant and appetizing, other are the smell of burnt food. Combustion products that adversely affect human health are released into the air. To prevent the spread of odors, it is recommended to include a kitchen hood.
Improper installation of the device entails a quick breakdown or work on errors. This explains why the hood works in the opposite direction. To avoid malfunctions, a standard installation is suggested by experts.
Natural flow occurs due to different temperature and air density. Inside the room is warmer than outside. Heated masses tend upwards, thereby circulating the natural type. However, if the equipment is installed incorrectly, this process is disrupted.

The reasons why the hood draws unpleasant odors into the house or apartment are:

  • continuous sealing of the room;
  • incorrectly selected pipe diameter for ventilation with exhaust;
  • clogged openings;
  • accumulation of steam and moisture.

To fix the problems is easy. It is necessary to carry out a set of measures to clean the ventilation path, get rid of snow, dirt and other debris in the pipe, create an artificial flow of fresh air. If such methods do not help, you should seek help from specialists of the service center Expert Appliance Repair Pasadena.

Preventive actions

First, the airing of the kitchen. It should be done more often, the more hermetic the design of your windows is (the presence of the ventilator does not save — its power is enough only to prevent the windows from misting up). It is especially advisable to do this work in the summer. After all, the speed of air movement in the ventilation duct is much higher than its circulation in an unventilated room — ideal conditions for provoking reverse thrust.
Lastly, you should at least periodically check the condition of the exit of the ventilation channel: for example, after a strong wind, it may be partially (or even completely) blocked by branches and light household garbage that was worn on the roof before. The cross section of the channel has decreased — and the reverse thrust has appeared. Such operations are usually performed by experts who are engaged in the audit of ventilation ducts.

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