Why does the refrigerator shock?

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Did you feel the refrigerator shock you? Is there a shock at the slightest touch to the metal case there is and cause tingling. It means that a small charge passes through it. You need to take precautionionary measures so that neither you nor your family are hurt.

Why does the refrigerator shock?

The cause of the fault and the breakdown of the current on the case could be the motor-compressor of the refrigerator. Unpleasant sensations occur when touching the case, especially in these cases:

  1. You have touched the surface with wet hands.
  2. With one hand, you touch the radiator and the other — the refrigerator.

The risk of electric shock increases if the floor is cemented and there is no insulation. At the first sign of a breakdown on the body of the refrigerator, immediately disconnect it from the power supply.

The main causes of failure:

  1. Breakdown of refrigeration equipment. Malfunction of components and parts.
  2. Lack of grounding. Usually in old houses built by the Soviet Union, grounding on sockets was not installed.

To fix the situation, you need to find the cause of the breakdown. You can immediately call the repairman, who himself will deal with the problem. You can also independently verify the presence of grounding.

Before performing the diagnosis, follow the recommendations:

  • Be sure to unplug the refrigerator to prevent electric shock.
  • Inspect the power cable. If the insulation of the wire is broken, do not make repairs. It is better to completely replace the cable.
  • If you are familiar with refrigeration, you can clear the contacts on the compressor. It is necessary to consistently check all the components and parts of the refrigerator.

In any case, if the equipment is shocked, you need to contact a technician, so that he carries out the diagnosis, eliminated the likelihood of damage. Otherwise, such a malfunction may result in a fire.

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