Malfunctions of Bosch washing machines

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Bosch washing machines attract attention and deserve the respect of customers due to the high quality and reliability of their innovative technology. The German assembly fully justifies the price of their washing machines — in the manufacturing process only the highest quality materials are used, and developers prefer ergonomic forms. But, among the highest quality technology failures are not excluded.

Of all the troubles, Bosch washing machine the most typical for this brand are such failures:

  1. No draining water.
  2. Water in the machine is not recruited.
  3. The drum does not rotate.
  4. There is no water heating.
  5. Noise during washing.
  6. The device does not turn on

    And now more about each issue:

  1. The automatic machine does not drain

    If water does not flow out of the hose — you need to check the selected program, it is possible that the no-drain mode, which is in some models, is accidentally set.
    The most likely cause is a clogged drain hose. It needs to be cleaned. It is recommended to do this regularly, at least once a year. The reasons that the water does not merge can be a siphon, a blocked pipe or a filter. Inside this detail, all the “extra” small items often accumulate: coins, hairpins, or buttons. The filter is also clogged with threads, hair, and wool.
    Other reasons: a failure in the electronic control unit or a wiring fault, a broken drain pump.

  2. No accumulation of water in the appliance.

    This is also a quite common problem. It occurs due to low water pressure. It seems to you that everything is in order — there is water, but the pipes are so rusted inside and covered with a layer of sediment that the amount of water is not enough for a powerful device. Some users sometimes forget to open the water tap on the machine.
    It is worse when the cause is in the unit itself. Due to a power surge during washing, the water level sensor may fail, and a program crash may occur. Breakage in the locking lock or hinges of the door, malfunction of the intake valve — require qualified intervention.

  3. The drum does not spin

    In modern automatic machines, there is an overload protection system. If you put more laundry in the tank than is allowed, the smart device will simply not carry out the program until it is removed from the excess. After you need to hand rotate the drum, if it rotates freely — you can run the wash.
    More serious reasons: the drive belt was torn, the heating element burned out, the tachometer “knocks over”, or the pump does not work. Worse, if the motor fails, its repair or replacement will require significant costs.
    Damage to the control module will require “flashing”, “resetting” the program block or replacing the part.

  4. If in the process of washing the water does not heat up.

    You can simply determine that the machine washes with cold water: 15-20 minutes after the start of washing, place your hand on the hatch. If the glass is warm or hot then it is working fine. Otherwise, you have to solve the problem.
    Sometimes the reason lies in the wrong program — it is worth once again carefully study the instruction manual.
    In most cases, you will need to replace the heating element — this device is responsible for heating the water in the device. If the “washer” works on water of increased hardness, be prepared for the fact that 3-5 years after the purchase of the device you will need to replace the electric heater. To cope with this and other problems of Bosch washing machines will help you master ALM-Repair.

  5. Unusually strong noise and even the roar of a washing machine

    If this happens during the first wash, stop the appliance, unplug it and check if the shipping bolts have been removed. Because of them, the unit can not only rumble terribly, but also ride around the bathroom.
    Other, easily resolvable reasons: the device is unevenly installed, an object has fallen or put too little or too much linen.
    Among the “internal” mechanical causes, we call bearing wear, oil seals, weakened mounting of counterweights, breakage of the drain pump, blockage of the filter and drain connections.

  6. The washing machine does not turn on.

    Here, the first step is to eliminate external factors. Check whether there is a current in the network, the health of the outlet or network filter. The machine will also not start, “if there is no water in the tap”. If everything is fine with electricity and water, pay attention to the electronic module. Perhaps there is an error message.
    The most “popular” inscriptions:

    • F1 or F16 — the loading hatch is open;
    • F2 or F17 — no water flows;
    • F4 — water leakage;
    • F28 — water flow sensor broke;
    • F36 — lock malfunction;
    • F40 — synchronization problem. Line voltage too high or low.

To eliminate the failure of the program, you need to de-energize the device for 15-20 minutes, and then reconnect to the network. If the machine is working normally — the system is “booted up”. In the case of repeated “glitches” is better to contact the service center Expert Appliance Repair Pasadena.
If the motor broke, or if the drive belt “washer” broke off, it would not work. In this case, it remains only to call the professionals.

To extend the life of the washing machine and save yourself from the headache with the repair, you need to follow the following rules:

  • the device must be on a flat surface;
  • turn on the machine directly to the network, do not use tees and extenders;
  • adhere to the washing mode, make sure that the tank is not overloaded;
  • Periodically clean the drain hose and filter. You can do this yourself or invite a specialist;
  • the minimum interval between washes should be 30 minutes. Try not to do more than two washes a day — then the engine will last longer.

Having determined the cause of the malfunction, and assessing its complexity, you can begin an independent repair of the Bosch washing machine.
The masters of our Expert Appliance Repair Pasadena service, regardless of breakage factors, will come to your home. They will determine the cause of the breakdown and, if possible, they will repair the Bosch washing machines at home.

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