Why does the dishwasher not close?

There are situations where you loaded the dishes, put the detergent in and started to close the door, it does not fit tightly. Another situation could be when the lock is not blocked and does not start washing. This means that a problem has occurred.
Before you understand the breakdown, disconnect the equipment from the network.
To find out why the door broke, you need to open it and carefully examine it.

Here are the most common reasons:

  • Tight closure prevents seal rubber, which is located around the perimeter. Perhaps it was deformed or jumped off.
  • The dish container is not installed correctly, or a large object interferes with the closure. Check and install items correctly.
  • The dishwasher is installed on an uneven surface, which is why the door is twisted and does not fit into the fixings. Verify the correctness of the installation according to the instructions.
  • Faulty mechanical lock, broken wiring from the lock to the module.

If the dishwasher does not fix the door in the open form, the reason may be in the working mechanism: a spring, a cable, a lock.
The dishwasher fixes the door not only on the mechanical, but also on the electronic level. The characteristic click says that the lock has been activated. Control module blocks the closure by applying a pulse to the lock. Therefore, it is not possible to open the chamber during the wash cycle.
There are many reasons for malfunctioning a dishwasher: from improper connection to breakage of electronics. You can try to find out the cause yourself, but it is still better to contact the repair service. So you will save the device from accidental damage and incorrect intervention in its work.

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