Why is a washing machine tearing clothes during washing?

There are times when yourwashing machine tears up linen and spoils clothes, it is necessary to take measures. First, you need to understand the causes of failure.Whether the washing machine is — cheap or expensive, compact or full sized, multifunctional or with a limited list of options, it should not spoil the laundry, and even more so to tear it. If when washing things are torn and crack at the seams, it means that you are faced with a malfunction.

The reasons that the laundry is very torn during washing can be the following:

  • Things tear themselves with the help of sharp elements.
  • Inside the drum, there could be minor damage, which causes damage to your things.
  • In vertical washing machines, clothing can deteriorate, clinging to protruding elements: chipped
    plastic, springs, and so on.
  • Laundry damage may occur due to a loose drum.

    Small items hit

    When washing, sharp objects on clothes should be well hidden: clothes should be turned inside out or
    washed in special slipcovers.
    In addition, each time before washing you need to shake up the clothes and check all the pockets.
    If you are convinced that there is nothing superfluous on the clothes or in its pockets, and the story
    repeats itself every time, and you have already started the darn holes, then the washing machine
    needs inspection. In the drum could get stuck a small bolt or other sharp and small object, which
    tears the fabric. Inspect the entire drum, go through each fold of the seal, and you will certainly find
    a breakage.

    Drum or hatch damaged

    If everything is inspected, holes continue to appear, and you do not know what to
    do — look for a marriage! If you have a horizontal washing machine, first inspect the drum
    inside — it may have a burr or a chip. If the warranty card is still in operation, do not
    waste time exchange the washing machine or return the money spent on it. It’s not a fact that manufacturers limited themselves to just one marriage, later another may emerge. And if the washing machine is not the first year, then try to clean up the flaw, taking a sheet of fine sandpaper.
    Worn bearings If the bearings fail, the drum gives an offset during washing — a large
    gap is formed, which cannot be covered with a rubber seal. As a result, clothes fall into the gap formed, and there it is mercilessly torn.
    Contact us and we will quickly find out why the washing machine is tearing clothes, and also quickly eliminate the annoying breakage.

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